The Best is Ahead

…living the days with heart wide open…

About the author — Denise (Dee) Borgoyn

I’m a 50 something woman living outside Middletown, Virginia with my husband Kurt. We have a little farm, and we raise a few dairy goats, more cashmere goats, and horses, a variety of chickens, and bunnies. Recently I left a full-time corporate job to pursue the work-life balanced dream of professional speaking, writing and consulting. Now I work from a corner office in our old, old farmhouse. My passion lies in the field of life, health care and aging services. I like to teach–I feel that I’ve experienced so much, and learned so much, that I want to get it out to others somehow.

Some other background to lay the scene for the blog……I was born and raised in a military family, and was born with a physical “disability”. I was married for 19 years, then divorced;  found the faith to fall in love again and remarried 10 years ago. I am a mom and a grandmother. I love gardening, animals, reading, traveling, trying to cook, nature … especially the ocean …

I’m starting a blog as a way to have a voice, to share life experiences, to talk about triumphs and struggles. I want to write…about life, family, home, work, people, and the incredible stories that are all around us every day.

I’m not sure where this weblog will go or even how to do it…but anyone is welcome to join the journey. 🙂  Life has been rediscovered for me in so many ways.  Where I once felt like my best years were behind me, now as I live through my fifties and beyond I can truly say that I believe “the best is ahead” —

January 1, 2014


2 responses to “About the author — Denise (Dee) Borgoyn

  1. Joe Watler says:

    Hello Dee,

    This is Joe that was in Antigua with you on your journey there. I was wondering how everything was going with your days now. I hope you remember me. Best of wishes to you and your husband.


    • dborgoyn says:

      Hi Joe, I do remember you! But a picture would help me even more. The big clue was your email address with Kayman in it. I am doing really well now. Staying on track and living life like the adventure it is:) Would love to get in touch. You can find me on Facebook or at my email address. Not sure how you found me but I’m glad you did. All the best, Dee

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